Introducing Dani…

After her lovely post, it’s my turn to introduce Dani. Some of you already know her and even though our friends and family come from all over the world, I hope all of you will get to know her better and see for yourselves some of her aspects that I love. Until then, here is my short introduction of her:

Dani is passionate in all she does. Whether she’s hugging me, discussing a topic or watching sports, she knows where her heart is and has the courage of her convictions. She’s a joy to be with when she gets excited (e.g. when Fluminense are playing) and she has a lot of affection for friends and family (and me of course ;). Despite that…

Dani is competitive. She introduced me to air hockey and promptly proceeded to trounce me in all our games. Coincidentally, she grew up playing air hockey, but I’ve managed one win so far. Quite a good workout! Speaking of…

Dani loves cinema. We watch our share at home, but she also loves the big screen. When she finds out about a film she wants to see, she watches the trailers, the pre-release events and marks the release date with red ink. And when we are at the cinema waiting for the film to roll on, she has that infectious smile on her face. This makes going to cinema a treat because…

Dani has the best smile. Fact. Her smile lights up her whole face and I adore sharing such moments with her. *Insert picture*

Dani shares. She’s always there to share a slice of orange or pizza, but most importantly she loves introducing me to new ideas and places.

Dani is a great cook! Her picanha (delicious Brazilian meat) and risotto are to die for, and when I’m working late and she’s barely come home, a warm plate and the care behind it feel like home.

Dani is smart. On top of Portuguese and English, she learnt Japanese in a ridiculously small timeframe and has been tackling Greek with gusto (and self-effacement). I love it when she makes inter-language jokes and she humours my Portuguese puns. Match made in heaven! I’m not sure she realises how much I love that we share that multilingual approach, but it colours various facets of our relationship. She’s also conversant with events and nuances in at least three continents and she’s very practical.  She’s bought me Portuguese grammars and a fantastic book of Japanese poetry, and she’s always good to tell me about Brazilian writers even though I haven’t taken the plunge yet (though I will!). She recently bought some books in Greek, including a massive version of The Count of Montecristo, and she’s reading them on the bus.  Don’t let her know, but I love seeing her dedication.

Dani loves her games and music and manga. At times we burst into impromptu singing duets, especially if Sinatra or Mario are involved. We’ve had our share of karaoke and singing with her is one of my favourite things. She introduced me to some great artists and she’s been to a system of a down gig, which is brilliant. She keeps up with various manga titles and has a definite love for rpgs, which she attacks diligently. She doesn’t do half measures in general and when people tell me of how dedicated she’s at work, I can draw parallels with the way she handles games. After all, the serious player plays seriously, no matter the game.

Dani is a great gifter. She keeps lists of thoughtful would-be presents and strategically deploys them when it’s time. A high legacy to live up to! I recall with great pleasure playing together (Xenoblade) for months until we got to singing in perfect sync with the soundtrack. Her greater gift is her unbridled excitement about Alex days, as she calls them. And how can you not love that? *insert picture with all the presents*

Dani is both practical and a good planner. She’ll have booked a hotel and have a full schedule for the duration of a trip while I’m still considering looking up things to do.   Speaking of,

Dani loves traveling. She has already seen a frightening amount of Greece (and more of the Peloponnese than me) and she’s great to travel with! She threw a fantastic trip to Brazil (obrigado, família) and we’ve also done Austria, islands, road trips and relaxing stays at Porto Rafti. She makes me want to visit new places, close or far away, and share these moments with her. Her wanderlust is further helped by the fact that…

Dani is great company. We can talk for hours about everything and nothing. She’s always up to date and can juggle politics, football, history, games or international relations without breaking a sweat and often in the same conversation. All the things she said in her post about me go double for her. She doesn’t just reheat talking points but she always has interesting viewpoints. For instance, recently we had a great talk about International Women’s Day fueled by statistics that she brought to the table.

There are plenty of things to write, but at the end of the day…

Dani is loving. Dani is loved. I love her deeply, as she does; I’m proud to be sharing my life with her and I’m looking forward to our wedding day as the beginning of a long trip that we’ll celebrate and get to share with you.


Introducing Alex…

Hi, people,
Dani with the keyboard. In order to start with our posts here we decided to put each to make the necessary introductions. So, I will have the pleasure and the honor to introduce Alex!<3
Well… To begin this, I must say that Alex is different and special…and there might be those who will say “Of course it’s like that for you…you will marry him.”, but it’s not only for this reason that I say what I say!
Simple things, that shouldn’t be anything special and that I believe that are quite fair… But, for instance, we share the house tasks according to the free time each of us has. He is an auditor and I’m an analyst, so we both work A LOT. It isn’t a rare thing to have days in which he and/or I will arrive at home around 10~11pm (that when we leave the house before 8~9am). And whoever arrives first at home, cooks dinner. It may sound like a small thing, but after 13 hours of work on a Sunday…to arrive home to a honest smile, a warm meal and an Episode of whichever series we’re watching at the moment…is a gift.
Alex is a gamer. Having said that, I can say that the term has way wider meaning when referring to him than it does when it refers to me. Alex likes to play from Metroidvania-like games to Fire Emblem (even though I had to insist a lot for him to start playing the Awakening game…and afterwards he spent over 100 hours on it). At this moment, we are playing Final Fantasy IX (SUMMON OF THE WINGED CASTLE) together on Steam. Also of those he likes, but his true passions are Mario (even though we have yet to play Mario Party together) and Zelda. And this makes my life a lot easier when picking up presents.
Alex is a sports fan! On our second data, we watched to the Final of the Basketball Euro (Olympiacos x Real Madrid) and I learned a lot of swear words in Greek… After that game, there was a Fluminense game on…and it was Alex’s turn to learn how to swear in Portuguese. He took me to Basket games of Olympiacos and I took him to a Flu game when we went to Brazil. He ran 5km of the Athens Marathon last year and plans on running 10km this year.
Alex loves cats. He adopted a small street cat early on in our relationship. This kitty cat grew and got really fat, he answers by the name of Balzac, or Zac. At his parents’ house, there is also Matisse.
Alex is dramatic. Look, I have my Drama Queen moments… But his moments are more often than mine. What is funny is that he is WAY calmer than I’ll ever be. But then again, I blow up at once, he is more into the drama. From Trump’s election to the GREXIT, politics in our house is likely to lead to drama. The only case in which things are reversed is when we are receiving guests. He is in a “all is fine” mood and I’m crying and kicking a fuss because nothing is ready and all will be awful, everyone will hate everything… Magically things work out in the end, fortunately.
Alex é very smart. Classic Music, Literature, History, Politics, Economy, International Relations, Global Warming, etc. Almost two years together and there was never a subject possible to have a conversation with him about (even though at times I, being as competitive as I am, fell kinda “frustrated” for not being able to match up in some subjects). I admire a lot his capacity to accumulate knowledge and feel happy for being able to have our conversations and debates. It’s not rare to get home anxious to comment some article on whichever subject and he already read about it (be it on the same article or through another source).
Alex is MY Alex! ❤
These are just a few points about my Love and it may be a bit cheesy, it may be incomplete and it is… But you, our dear friends and family, will have the rest of our lives to get to know Alex better. This is just a taste. I intend on talking a lot about Greece and the Greek Wedding here… But it is also valid to get to know the groom as well. =)
So, I wish you all a good night! =) Soon we’ll put the show on the road!
Dani Lott