About Us

So… We met on May, 11th of 2015 on a Chilly (though Alex may deny it) night. We were out for drinks at Drakou (a charming pedestrian way in the heart of Athens) and we just hit off. From the bar to a late night walk at the Akropoli…and a “stolen kiss” by the Herodium. And not only we’ve been together ever since, most of our free time since that day was exactly that OUR free time. On March, 2016, we were already practically living together. It became a official move on May.

Her first move was after our second date – I helped her pack home for some reason or another. The second move, I helped her pack her things (and fit them!) to my home. On our third move, me, her and Balzac the cat moved to a bigger house together. Reader, I married her*

Back to myyyyy (Dani’s) narration…  Σε βλεπω, Αλεχανδρε!

On the 29th of October of 2016, right after the Greek day of the ~NO~ (holiday here), was my first Saturday off of work in months and Alex decided to take me to a small trip. I had my guesses as of where we were going, but not a clue of what was about to happen. Cape Sounion, at the Temple of Poseidon, was the place Alex picked to propose… And he did so in the most epic way (especially for a Sailor Moon fan such as myself)! Alex, just like Mamo-chan (or Darien), transformed into Tuxedo Kamen-sama (Tuxedo Mask) right in front of me!!! (*squeal*) He gave me a red rose and kneeled as he proposed in PORTUGUESE!!! (*squeal*) I know I replied between tears… But I couldn’t say in which language.

And that lead us to where we are now… Engaged, to be married in September of 2018.

*marriage pending.